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With specializations in the key sectors of Database development or Cybersecurity, the training provided by the M.Sc. in IT Project Management ensures that graduates have the skills needed to analyze a business environment and make pertinent recommendations.

The hands-on nature of the course gives students a strong head-start in their careers

The ways companies function and their interaction with consumers have a profound impact on our day-to-day lives — all the more so given the emergence of new technology. In order to stay up to date with new technological advances, protect themselves from cyber threats and continue to function and grow, organisations need to develop tools, networks, applications and programmes.

Given the rapid digitalisation of society, careers opportunities in database development, network administration and cyber security are numerous. Organisations require qualified, well-rounded employees with solid general and technical skills and up-to-date knowledge of the latest technological advances.

The training provided by the M.Sc. in IT Project Management, along with a long internship undertaken during the program, ensures that graduates have the skills needed to analyze a business environment and make recommendations. The hands-on nature of the course gives students a strong head-start in their careers.


Design a solution tailored to the needs of the client

  • Lead an IT project and head a team.
  • Deliver a product to a client and provide follow-up maintenance.
  • Conduct technological intelligence.
  • Launch and maintain multi-protocol IT equipment, install, use, deinstall and update specialized software.
  • Program using a specific language.
  • Understand the functioning of hardware and software and ensure it is effectively maintained and upgraded and that the settings are appropriate.
  • Independently manage and ensure the security of a server.

This module ensures students:

  • Can put in place a network infrastructure;
  • Can configure and choose the settings for LAN network routing;
  • Can configure and choose the settings for WAN network functionalities;
  • Know about and can evaluate system vulnerabilities;
  • Can identify risks and threats pertinent to system and network security;
  • Can find solutions to problems and threats;
  • Can ensure system availability by saving and restoring and by providing supervision and restarts when incidents occur;
  • Guarantee system security in the face of external attacks and malicious practice;
  • Can install and configure virtualization environments using Linux or Windows;

This module ensures students:

  • Develop their knowledge of Java, PHP and XML, PERL and C for Linux;
  • Can use UML to model development projects;
  • Can use SQL for Oracle;
  • Can programme using PL/SQL;
  • Can manage databases in Oracle;

Based on 2 modules this unit ensures students:

  • Develop their knowledge of layers 3-7 of the OSI model;
  • Can identify and understand the security flaws of an operating system;
  • Have a good knowledge of the hardware and software architectures of distributed systems;
  • Can model, design, simulate and finalise;
  • Learn about interactions between the software, hardware and temporal aspects of the functioning of microprocessor systems managing industrial processes;
  • Identify and analyse needs;
  • Can divide a project into subprojects;
  • Can itemise the tasks making up a project;
  • Can identify constraints (time, budget, organisation etc.);
  • Can use project management tools (Gantt charts, PERT network charts);
  • Can analyse the costs and risks of a project.

A strong point of FEDE European master’s degrees is the requirement for students to consolidate their learning and gain a careers head start through hands-on work experience.

The first-year professional project addresses management issues encountered during an internship or the work portion of sandwich training.

The student produces a dissertation outlining the strategy adopted and the strategic tools employed.

In the second year the student undertakes a three-month internship and produces a professional dissertation on sector-relevant issues.

The student analyses a business’s environment and makes orientation and strategic recommendations. The two dissertations are presented orally

This module ensures students:

  • Are conversant with issues surrounding concepts of business, competition and markets, as defined by EU legislation and decrees issued by the Court of Justice of the European Union;
  • Can demonstrate the importance of changes to rules concerning the behavior of companies and concentrations between undertakings;
  • Know the role of the authorities in charge of applying business competition rules;
  • Are familiar with processes to ensure products comply with European internal standards

This module ensures students:

• have CEFR level B1 (writing and speaking) in a modern European language;
It results in the awarding of the FEDE Language Certificate; the Certificate is based on the CEFR and is recognised by the IFEF.

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