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International students could be a little lost when arriving in another country. How to open a bank account in France ? Where to buy a SIM card ? What about accommodation ? And a lot more subjects.

Follow this article for guidance !

How to open a bank account in France ?

Students can open a bank account in France, and it is required for buying a SIM Card Online, registering for Social Security, applying for accommodation assistance with CAF, getting payment from your employer (you can also work part-time while studying)...

Students can open bank account with Crédit Agricole, LCL, BNP Paribas, La Banque Postale, etc.

Three documents are needed to open a bank account: identification, proof of residence and an attestation of enrollment or a student card.

Please follow this link for detail information about opening bank account in France:

How to have a French mobile number ?

You can purchase a SIM card directly from the store of the telecom operator like Free Mobile, Bouygues Telecom, RED by SFR but they can be comparatively more expensive than you order online. To order online, you need to have a bank RIB.

You can also buy a SIM card from Tobacco SHOP (TABAC) from LYCA telecom operator, which is handy and affordable.

If you want to keep the same number and change the operator based on the cost of the service provided, it is possible to switch between the operator and conserve your previous number.

How to find accommodation in Montpellier ?

It is important for students to have a confirmed place of stay before your arrival to Montpellier. You can ask Campus in advance if Campus can confirm their accommodation with its housing partners.

In other cases, don’t wait until the last minute and start applying on your own for housing services sites. Some of the Housing Services in Montpellier are as :


CROUS Montpellier

Cardinal Campus

Les Estudines


CROUS Accommodation is very affordable as compared to other housing services and you can submit accommodation request to CROUS through their website, and for this,you need to create your account at

After you login to the above website, you could also see different portals such as Lokaviz, which lists all private rental accommodation in France and you can directly contact the owner and rent a room.

My rental owner asks for the rental guarantor, but I do not have a housing guarantor in France. What is the solution in this case?

In that case, you can register for VISALE, rental guarantor. It is free and online. But you need to have Visale before signing the rental agreement.

Can I benefit from any social help concerning accommodation ?

Depending on your type of accommodation, you might be eligible for CAF (Caisses d’Allocations Familiales) which can grant you benefits. For more information, consult the following link :

How to buy a ticket to use Transport in Montpellier ?

Starting on 21 December 2023, the City of Montpellier has made transport free only for its residents. It applies to buses and tramways that belong to the TaM network and that circulate inside and nearby the city. It does not apply to SNCF trains and to buses that belong to liO Hérault Transport, Flixbus or Blablabus.

Even though public transports are now free of cost for Montpellier inhabitants, you still need a transport card to prove that you live in the city and that you can benefit from this offer. Do not forget to validate it each time.

You can download the app M’Ticket TaM and create an online account to get a digital transport card, or you can visit TaM’s office at the following address :

125 Rue Léon Trotski
34070 Montpellier

Whatever you choose to create a digital or a physical public transport card, some documents might be required, such as identification papers, a proof of residence and an ID photo.

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