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  1. Complete application documents including CV, Statement of Purpose, scan of academic documents, scan of passport, work experience or language proficiency certificates etc. should be provided to the DEC by EcoRH admission team.
  2. Admission interviews will be conducted via Zoom and Zoom Interview Etiquette is very important.
  3. After receiving the visa decision, copies of the Visa (or of refusal) must be emailed as soon as possible to /
  4. I should notify the school immediately about my decision to defer the application for the next session.
  5. The school will be informed, a minimum of two weeks in advance, of flight and arrival details.
  6. I will stay in an accommodation in a legal way and will inform the school of my  address in Montpellier as soon as possible. If I am staying with a housing partner of the school, I am aware that the school will not get involved in the management of my accommodation and that I will be the only one in charge of any decisions and actions related to it (guarantee fees, rent to pay, behaviour…).
  7. I am aware that I can contact Dec by EcoRH administrative team if I need help at any step of my application at the following email address :
Non-compliance of these steps and terms will remove any responsibility on the side of the school.

DEC is passionate about your success

DEC's mission is to develop and promote entrepreneurial spirit, knowledge and skillsets for lifelong success.

Montpellier has obtained the French Tech label, rewarding the rare French cities that have managed to take the digital turn, and DEC has set up in Montpellier, one of the most dynamic cities in France in terms of innovative business creation.

What people say about us


Rim Akoucham

I did my internship at Nouas Formation Sup Dec frankly nothing to say the staff was very welcoming and professional which makes us want to work.
I recommend



Having trained at Nouas Formation Sup Dec, I highly recommend!


Antoine Dierkens

I did my internship at the Nouas Sup Dec association, the welcome was very warm, the staff welcoming and above all very professional. I recommend it.


Sophie Buisine

Excellent reception! Team at the top. I recommend it.

DEC BY NOUAS Drive (64 sur 147)

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