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1. Basic Information before Arrival to France

Do you need a Visa to study at Digital Entrepreneur Campus by EcoRH?

Depending on the nationality of students and other different factors, you might need a visa or do not need it to study at Digital Entrepreneur Campus by ecoRH.

Students from The European Union, Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein and Switzerland can study at DEC by EcoRH without applying for Study visa.

Campus France website has the detailed information on the types of visa students outside the European Economic Area Country, and Switzerland will require to pursue a degree program in France :


Have you translated your Birth Certificate?

Remember to translate your academic documents in French if the original documents are in languages other than French and English.

French translation of Birth certificate with its original is required for administrative purposes.

2. Guide for On-Campus Registration

Administrative Registration On-Campus

This administrative registration is for the purpose of entry of students information into DEC by ecoRH’s database and students should provide following documents for the complete registration process:


  • Identity documents
  • Visa copy ( if students needs visa to follow academic programs in France)
  • Photograph
  • Academic documents
  • Inscription/ Acceptance letters
  • Birth Certificate-Original and translation in French

Student Identity Card

During your on-campus registration, do not forget to collect your student card. If you have not submitted a passport size photo in advance, your student ID will be provided to you later. With a student card, you could also get special discounts in different places and occasions in France.

Student Campus Email Address

Students will be provided with a campus email address. And from the date of receiving it, all email communication will be made through Campus Email Address. Remember to regularly check your campus email address. To login, enter your email and password here :


Campus Email address is  valid up to one year from the date of receiving Attestation of Completion of Degree, so make sure  you download all important documents you have received and keep them safe for future references.

Mandatory CVEC fee

CVEC (Contribution Vie Etudiante et de Campus) is a national fee that is provided for by the Law on Student Guidance and Success. All students admitted to a French institution of higher education are subject to this fee.

To learn more about the CVEC :



To pay the CVEC :


Please note that you will be required to present us your CVEC certificate as soon as possible.

Further Administrative Assistance

Directly visit the Administrative Office of the Campus :

From Monday to Friday

From 9:30 to 17:30

You can also email your concerns to contact@dec-ecorh.com and  and ask for an appointment if you need any administrative assistance.



DEC is passionate about your success

DEC's mission is to develop and promote entrepreneurial spirit, knowledge and skillsets for lifelong success.

DEC BY NOUAS Drive (61 sur 147)

Bachelor of Science
Web application designer and developer

Develop, code and maintain a website or web applications, working on both the front-end and the back-end.


European Bachelor Degree
Digital Marketing

Become experts in creating, implementing and managing digital marketing strategies in both B2B and B2C environments.

Supervisor Holds Briefing for His Employees in System Control Center Full of Monitors and Servers. Possibly Government Agency Conducts Investigation.

European Master Degree
IT Project Management

Design a solution tailored to the needs of the client

Analyze a business environment and make recommendations

Supervisor Holds Briefing for His Employees in System Control Center Full of Monitors and Servers. Possibly Government Agency Conducts Investigation.

European Master
in Management and Business Strategy

Advise and support the management of a company in the elaboration of development, transformation, adaptation or change management strategies.

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